Last week was a great time to bird the Edinburg World Birding Center!

We had several tours visit our site during the week and many individuals or smaller groups coming on their own.  They were treated to many great birds!  We thank them all for taking the time to visit our beautiful wetlands!

On Friday, November 12th, we had  our first birding group led ,in part, by Martin Hagne from Valley Nature Center.  Right at the entrance to our Butterfly Garden the group spotted a Rufous Humminbird. They continued on to North Pond and had great looks at Ringed and Belted Kingfishers, Least Grebes, Yellow and Black-crowned Night-herons, and most surprising of all a Zone-tailed Hawk that flew over!  Everyone got great looks at all of these. The group then visited our South Pond, which among other things, was temporarily offering refuge for a group of Fulvous Whistling Ducks.  On their way back to the bus, visitors got great looks at a Greater Roadrunner and a stunning male Vermilion Flycatcher sitting on a fencepost.

Saturday's group had similar sightings.  No Zone-tailed Hawk this time, but they did get great looks at a Green Kingfisher, which the earlier group had not!  Part of the group also got a brief look at an Altamira Oriole in a Huisache tree along our North Pond.  The Rufous Humminbird was refound not far from its previous location.  The group was in quite a hurry, but seemed happy with what they had seen here in under an hour!

I really enjoyed the week of the festival, both getting to meet new faces and the chance to show off our park and the great outdoors.