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Welcome to The Feathered Nest gift shop at the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and World Birding Center. Your visit to the EWBC is not complete until you step into our gift shop and browse our wide array of merchandise.

Feather your nest with our wonderful collection of items hand-picked with your well-being and the environment in mind. Fill your home with books about Texas wildlife, or your kitchen with healthy cooking how-to books. Surround yourself with the sounds of birds with a CD of bird calls. Decorate your walls and mantles with posters and postcards of plants and wildlife. Rejuvenate your yard by planting an organic fruit and vegetable garden using our gardening guides and seeds. Create a fun-filled family environment with "Green Energy" and "Environmental Science" educational games. Whatever your interests, the Feathered Nest has many tools and resources to enhance your surroundings.

Be sure to stop by The Feathered Nest on your next visit.


Some of the popular items in our gift shop include:

Guide & Resource Books:

   - Bird identification guides

   - Butterfly field guides

   - Plant reference books

   - Texas wildlife guides

   - Organic and healthy cook books

   - Gardening books

Youth & Educational Items:

   - Safari LTD educational toys

   - Tedco Earth Quest Knowledge educational toys

   - Lucy Hammett learning games

   - Kids' books

        - Story books

        - Intro field guides

        - Science experiment books

        - Coloring and art books

Garden & More!

   - ToLand Home & Garden mini flags & seeds

   - Audubon Aprons & tote bags

   - Richter's Herbs pot makers

   - Gardening how-to books

   - Ann Clark cookie cutters

   - EWBC organic seeds

   - Aubrey Organics products


   - Aubrey Organics lotions

   - Naturally Curious Inc. postcards

   - With Paper Treasures pop-up cards

   - Stephen Joseph Baby Selection

   - Eagle Optics binoculars

   - Whistle Creek walking sticks

   - EWBC patches

   - T-shirts

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