The Edinburg Scenic Wetlands: Education

Tour Program Fees

  1 hour.  5 to 60 kids. $2 per child.  Supervising adults free

   2 hours. Up to 100 kids. $4 per child. Supervising adults free.

  3 hours.  Up to 100 kids. $6 per child. Supervising adults free

*All other adults & family members need to pay admission.*

*Teachers, please be aware, we cannot accommodate more than 100 students.*

Outreach Program Fees

Outreach Program fees begin at $50 for up to one hour and will vary depending on program length, supplies needed, and traveling distance. Please call or email for more information.

Program topics include:

Birds/Wildlife of the RGV

Nature Puppet Shows

Classroom Gardens

Wild Watershed

Native Trees

Nature Career Presentation


For Inquiries regarding our education and outreach programs, please contact our Education Coordinator

Veronica Guzman

by phone (956)381-9922 

or email at
This year, bring your school or youth group to the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands & World Birding Center to participate in a variety of fun, educational, and unique field trips for students of all ages.  Our programs are TEKS correlated and grade-level appropriate.

Surrounding Senses for Pre K to K grades

This program focuses on the five sense. Bring your students our for an amazing journey that will include a walk through our grounds looking, listening, feeling, and smelling what surrounds them. This walk will be sure to engage their senses and their creativity. Also in this program students will enjoy a sensory show and tell and an educational game of Animal Charades. 

Living and Non-living for K to 2nd grades

What's the difference between living and non-living? It's a great question every young child might be asking. This program offers an insight to the two. Students will be challenged to identify what they see as living and non-living in this interactive field trip. Let your students get a better understanding of all the wonderful things live and not.

Insect Investigations for K to 2nd grades

Students will jump into the amazing world of insects. In this program they will learn about insect life cycles, adaptations, and habitat. Students will love an outdoor adventure as they take an insect walk through our grounds to investigate the types of insects that can be found here. This program may also include an educational puppet show and/or insect game.

Amazing Adaptations for K-2nd grades

Adaptations are the key to survival! From a butterfly's proboscis to a Roseate Spoonbill's beak, many creatures have adapted to their environment in order to thrive. This program explores the adaptations of many different animals and makes learning about adaptations absolutely amazing! The program many include a walk, show & tell, game, and/or puppet show.

Magical Metamorphosis for 2nd to 5th grades

Meta-huh? Metamorphosis is the change in animals' growth as it develops into its different stages of life. In this program, students will discover the transformations of different insects and amphibians. Learn how these animals grow from an egg to an adult in our interactive puppet show and show and tell. Then take a walk through our grounds to discover these metamorphic creatures. Your students are sure to be amazed! This program may also include aquatic insect collecting.

Power of Pollination! for 2nd to 5th grades                                        

Did you know that pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3rd bite of food we eat? In this lesson children learn about the connection between pollinators like bees and butterflies and how plants grow. Students are introduced to several different pollinators, from bees to bats. Lesson may include use of magnifying glass, microscope and data collection sheets. A fun way to learn about the importance of pollinators!

Whose Habitat for 2nd to 5th grades

Habitat, what's that? In this program, students will be introduced to a variety of wildlife and their habitats. They will learn what habitat is and how animals have been able to adapt and survive in the RGV. This program may include an interactive habitat walk through our grounds where students will investigate different habitats of different wildlife big and small, a wildlife show and tell, and/or an interactive habitat card game.

Plant Particulars for 2nd to 5th grades

Would your students like to get a better understanding of plants? In this program all about plants, students will learn how to identify plants, what the difference between native and non-native is, and also observe them under the microscope. With this interactive program, students are sure to gain the knowledge they need on plant parts, their importance to wetlands, and other particulars. 

Soil Sense for 4th to 8th grades

Do you dig soil? We sure do! And we would like to share our knowledge with you about soil and the many hidden wonders found there. Also learn about why wetlands need soil and what type works best in this habitat. This program offers hands-on soil testing that may include getting dirty. Don't be shy. Let us help you with a better way to learn about soil!

 Birding Bonanza for 4th to 8th grades

Let the EWBC teach your class about what is so special about the Rio Grande Valley when it comes to birds! Students will learn to use tools such as binoculars, telescopes, and field guides as they tour the grounds learning how to identify these diverse groups of animals at our site. This program will get your students outside and is sure to open their eyes to the unique role of South Texas in bird migration through hands-on activities.

Wetland Explorations for 4th to 8th grades                                     

This interactive, science-based hands-on program will introduce students to a world they have never encountered. Water beetles, dragonflies, and pond critters galore, your kids will get their hands wet and dirty exploring wetlands. Some of the activities may include macroinvertebrate collecting, water testing, and/or microscopic observations. Bring your students to learn the importance of wetlands!

 Water Works for 5th to 8th grades

The wonders of water surround us and it can be tricky when it comes to learning all of its amazing properties. The EWBC offers activities for students to experience water and how it works in the water cycle. Provided in this program may be a hands-on look at our watershed with the help of our enviroscape model, an interactive game, and/or a walk through our grounds to see our wetlands.

Reptile Mania for 5th to 8th grades            

Are your students into snakes, lizards, turtles, and other reptiles? Than this program is perfect for them. Reptile Mania offers educational games, a show and tell, and a walk through our grounds that teaches students all about reptiles and their amazing abilities. Learn why they are important, where they can be found, and what you can do to help protect these amazing animals.

Wetland Ecology for 9th to 12th grades

This interactive Biology-based program will introduce students to the world of wetlands. Your students are sure to get a better appreciation for this special habitat and the animals that can be found here. Activities may include macroinvertebrate surveying, microorganism sampling, a wetland walk, and water chemistry. Bring your students to learn how wetlands function and what they can do for you! 

Birding Naturalist for 9th to 12th grades

Naturalists all over the world study all walks of wildlife. Bring your students to experience a field trip that is sure to open their minds to a career in nature. This program teaches students the value of avian wildlife, how to identify and survey them, and ways in which to measure their diversity and abundance by collecting data. This includes a tour through our grounds with the use of binoculars, a field guide and survey checklist. 

Natural History Tours for 5th to 12th grades         

During this program students will learn the use of field equipment, such as binoculars, field guides and check lists. On a guided tour of our grounds, students will learn about native plants, wildlife and the history of our site.  A great introduction to the diversity found in our native habitat oasis. A short introductory lesson of field safety is included. Come join us for an adventure at the EWBC!

Specialized Programs       

Do you have a topic in mind that you would like our staff to cover? If so, please speak to our Education Department about customizing a program just for your group.  Fees are generally $2 per child/per hour and we can accommodate up to 100 children depending on the length of time. Scouts, do you need any requirements fulfilled? Keep us in mind for any tasks you need completing for any level.  

Educator Workshops             

The EWBC is pleased to offer educator workshops, providing interdisciplinary lessons and activities that teachers of all grade levels can use to bring environmental education and awareness to their classrooms. Workshops offered include Project WILD, Aquatic WILD, Growing Up WILD and WOW: The Wonders of Wetlands. Upon completion of workshops, educators will receive curriculum guides, certification, and continuing education credit hours. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or would like information on upcoming workshops, please contact Lily Cruz, the Environmental Education Coordinator.

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